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What to Eat at Philips Arena, Home of the Atlanta Hawks

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2012_4_stadiumlogo.jpgYesterday, to commemorate opening day of the glorious 2012 baseball season, Eater rounded up all the great dining choices at Turner Field, the home of the Atlanta Braves. But the Braves aren't the only sports team playing right now. The Atlanta Hawks are still deep into their season, and their home, the Philips Arena, has plenty to offer beyond the regular nacho and popcorn stadium fare. Here, now, ahead, to edify your sports-watching and concert-listening experiences, is a guide to what to eat when at Philips.

Five Standouts at the Philips Arena

RED: Offering full-service dining with a full view of the on-court action, RED provides an experience that can't be found anywhere else in the stadium, complete with an open kitchen and spread out over several levels.

Nava Taqueria: Quesadillas and tacos provide a welcome break from typical pretzels and popcorns; fans can indulge in south-of-the-border cuisine without leaving the arena at this Hawk Walk concession stand.

Back Court BBQ: Wet-Naps abound at this barbecue stand that supplements typical sides and soft drinks with barbecue pork and chicken, complete with savory sauce.

Stir Crazy: Hawk Walk's only Asian-influenced option specializes in lo mein and vegetables, but diners can also get grilled chicken and steak skewers to chow down on during the game.

The Natural Stop: It's not often that a stadium food court also includes a gourmet cheese-and-meats stop, but The Natural Stop offers a full selection of both that can be enjoyed as a court-side picnic or an after-game snack.


Taco Mac: Casual American fare including Buffalo wings and burgers, featuring TVs and a family-friendly vibe.
RED: A multi-tiered restaurant within the arena itself, RED offers fine dining with an open kitchen and a view of the Hawks in action.

Hawk Walk Concessions

Courtside Grill, Portal 9: Offers Philly cheesesteaks, bratwursts, and chicken sandwiches as well as sides and beverages.
Buckhead Diner Express, Portal 9: Mostly burgers and fries, with specialties like the Diner Double Cheeseburger and blue cheese fries.
3 Point Play Pizza, Portal 7: Dishes out cheese and pepperoni pizza by the slice in addition to beverages, including cold beer.
Fry Baby, Portal 9: Nachos, buffalo wings, chicken tenders, and the namesake French fries, plus beverages.
Back Court BBQ, Portal 8: Serves barbeque pork and chicken, plus chips, popcorn, and beverages.
Veni Vidi Vici, Portal 5: Casual Italian specializing in pastas and salads; also serves soft drinks and beer.
The Works, Portal 7: Features wraps, salads, and the signature roasted turkey sandwich, as well as soft drinks and beer.
Nava Taqueria, Portal 7: This stand serves Mexican fare, including a variety of quesadillas and tacos, plus beverages.
Tiki Hut Bar, Portal 7: Exclusively sells a variety of frozen drinks.
Stir Crazy, Portal 7: Offers Asian stir fries, particularly lo mein with veggies, served with lemon chicken or steak skewers.
Pick ‘n’ Roll Pretzels, Portal 6: Serves pretzels and hot dogs from national chain Wetzel’s in addition to soft drinks and beer.
Rock & Roll Bar, Portal 5: Offers a variety of drinks, specializing in craft beers, as well as a wide selection of cocktails.
Gentleman Jack Bar, Portal 6: Serves both draft and imported bottle beers, plus cocktails and non-alcoholic soft drinks.
Delaney’s Irish Pub, Portal 5: A beer bar with both imported and craft beers.

General Concessions

Buzzer Beaters, Portals 3, 12, 16, and 25: Fans can find classic concessions like popcorn and peanuts plus hot dogs and nachos at this stand’s multiple locations.
Slam Dunk Pizza, Portals 3, 11, 15, and 26: Pizza by the slice is supplemented by pretzels, popcorn, and beverages.
Burgers & Birds, Portals 2, 21, and 27: Diners can find burgers, fries, and Buffalo wings plus beverages (including beer) at this concession stand.
Hot Diggity Dog, Portal 20: Guests can custom-order hot dogs at this stand, plus fries, pretzels, and beverages.
Beers Around the World, Portal 27: Both imported and domestic beers, as well as assorted wines and cocktails.
Absolut Bar, Portal 13: Offers a wide variety of alcoholic drinks, including wine, beer, martinis, and mixed drinks.
Budweiser Bar/Michelob Ultra Bar, Portal 3: In addition to Anheuser-Busch beers, this locale serves mixed drinks and a full wine list.
Gluten-Free Portable, Portal 12: The stadium’s only exclusively gluten-free concession, including hot dogs, nachos, and candy.
The Natural Stop, Portal 5: A gourmet cheese and meat shop, including sausage, Apple Gouda, and Chipotle Cheddar.
—Alison Herman
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Philips Arena

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