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Reviews for STK, Grace 17.20, Yet Tuh, and More

The Atlanta Journal Constitution's John Kessler pretends to be a mouse in a woman's purse in his review of female-friendly steakhouse import STK. Once he gets down to the business of reviewing, he deems the food "mostly competent, sometimes surprisingly good, and sometimes surprisingly off." That said, there's something undeniably right about the place:

What exactly is STK? A steak house for young women and the guys who want to ogle them? A restaurant straining to morph into a nightclub? A celeb hangout for the new Hollywood of the South?

...All of the above, and I have to say: It sure feels right for the moment...STK is really a cannily updated supper club with a good-natured sense of glamour. You can come here for dinner and dancing, whether you actually remember the ’80s or not.

He awards it one star. [AJC]

The AJC's Jenny Turknett awards two stars to eight year-old Norcross restaurant Grace 17.20: "Look for dishes with flair and creativity like the citrus-crusted market fish ($26). You’ll marvel at the crackly citrus crust on the striped bass and puzzle over the vanilla in the citrus beurre blanc. And although smoked salmon chunks in the mashed potatoes blight the voluptuous lingering of the beurre blanc on your palate, it will linger in your memory...After eight years in business, it’s no myth that Grace 17.20 is achieving its aspirations to be a 'nice neighborhood restaurant for nice neighborhoods.'" [AJC]

Creative Loafing's Brad Kaplan calls Yet Tuh a Korean culinary oasis off the Buford Highway: "Platters of simple grilled fish precede plates of mackerel boiled in spiced soy sauce; barley rice with vegetables and soybean paste follow an acorn jelly. There are elaborate stews and basic noodle soups, pancakes (pajeon), and roasted chicken hearts. Luckily, the staff, despite a bit of a language barrier, is happy to make suggestions." [CL]

THE ELSEWHERE and THE BLOGS: Cliff Bostock mentions that Dakota Blue is a nice place to hang and makes a mean bacon burger and loves the tacos and the attitude at Bone Garden, ATL Food Snob attended a pop-up Baton Dinner cooked by New York's Michael Laiskonis, Atlanta Food Blog sampled a slew of bourbons at Five Napkin Burger, while Amy on Food went there to enjoy some lobster sliders and burgers.

[Photo via AJC]


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