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Chastain Park Residents Oppose Nightclub

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Chastain Park residents and business owners are worried about what's really going to open in a nearby shopping center. The space in Chastain Square, which used to be Chopstix Piano Bar, was originally slated to be a restaurant. However, Craigslist ads for bartenders, bouncers, and dancers make it appear as if a nightclub is intended instead. The restaurant/bar, Scenario, should open Wednesday in the Publix shopping center, but will face opposition from other stores in the plaza if the rumors of its 3 AM closing time and free overnight parking are true.

Buckhead City Councilman Howard Shook, who last year fought legislation proposing that bars remain open until 4 AM, is also against the nightclub, and according to Buckhead Patch, a Publix representative told reporters that there's a clause in the lease agreements that doesn't allow such businesses in the area. Scenario's owner, Ron Barber, states that the facility is simply going to be "a restaurant with dancing."
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