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Ansley Park Money Pit; You’ll Get a New Falcons Stadium and Like It; Reynolds Plantation Finds a Buyer

The rotting beauty at 1204 Piedmont Avenue. Credit:

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

Midtown— Ever noticed that rotting mansion sitting on some of Atlanta's primest real estate (in Ansley Park across from the Piedmont Driving Club)? There's quite a history behind the house...unfortunately, it's primarily a history of neglect. We search for someone brave enough to buy Atlanta's best-located money pit.

Downtown— Reality has set in: despite the misgivings of lame fussbudgets, the Georgia Dome is going to be torn down and a new, retractable roof stadium built for the Falcons. The team is now drumming up public support for the decision it and a cabal of city and state leaders made for them; we swallow hard and contemplate the positives, with a little help from our friends at Creative Loafing.

Lake Oconee — A real estate crash and burn story sure to appear in a future text book came to an upbeat conclusion this week with news that life insurance (and real estate) giant MetLife will buy Reynolds Plantation. The announcement is good news for property owners, perhaps less so for the Reynolds Family, whose Linger Longer Development leveraged the family land holdings around Lake Oconee to become a leading developer, only to lose it when the bubble popped.

Buckhead— as the civic organization known as Livable Buckhead moves toward implementing a program to add a bunch of green space to Buckhead, its leaders are out in the community speaking with refreshing candor about the conditions it aims remedy. An example they're using we find particularly effective as a rallying cry: a mall parking lot is pretty much Buckhead's only festival spot and public gathering place (!)

House of the WeekWe found a house to rent in Ansley Park. It's beautifully decorated and possesses a desirable line-up of high-end appliances and fixtures with names sure to send an electric thrill through kitchen fetishists. But as Commenters point out, lurking underneath the sheen of chic could be latent old-house issues. That's why we're only going to rent it...they're the landlord's problem.

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