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DeKalb Seeks to Un-Ban Ice Cream Trucks before Summer

On the heels of the permitting debacle at the Atlanta Food Truck Park comes another mobile vendor struggle, this one almost even more serious: children who've spent their lives in DeKalb County have never (legally) purchased a rainbow pop or Creamsicle from an ice cream truck. They've never run outside to chase down the ice cream man after hearing the tinny music piped out of his loudspeakers or burned their feet on hot pavement while waiting in line for Brown Cow bars outside of their neighborhood pools, because, as the AJC reports, it's illegal to sell any food from carts or trucks on roads in the county.

DeKalb officials are drafting up a plan to change the rule. The proposed amendments will return to committee in thirty days, thus granting kids half a summer vacation of this childhood necessity if passed. Commissioner Larry Johnson supports making a new bill and would love to see ice cream vendors and food trucks alike in the area, though he's unsure if he wants them thrown together in the same legislation. He waxes nostalgic about his own summers growing up, saying, “That music, it makes the kids run to the truck and the parents panic at the money they’re going to be spending. That’s what summer is all about.”
· You Scream, I Scream... but Not in DeKalb [AJC]
[Photo of Honeysuckle Gelato Truck via ATL Food Snob]

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