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Reviews for Campagnolo and More

Photo of the Lawrence via Star Chefs

Cliff Bostock reviews Campagnolo for Creative Loafing and finds it mediocre but "definitely fun." He advises that customers go for dinner, not lunch, and recommends the secondi over the pasta dishes and the "masterful" espresso bread pudding. Bostock finds himself rooting for Campagnolo to succeed, even though he found the burgers and meatballs are dry and the polenta "stiffer and colder than Tiny Tim's porridge." [CL]

The AJC's John Kessler takes on The Lawrence and decides that "often for better, sometimes for worse, [its] food is high concept." If you order right— the pig ears, for example, or the duck tongue carnitas— he promises that this will be your new favorite restaurant. The problems arise when you order the wrong dishes, like the "starchy, flavorless" English pea salad or the golden rice porridge that he can only describe as "muddy." To avoid disappointment, go for cocktails and bar snacks rather than dinner. [AJC]

THE ELSEWHERE AND THE BLOGS: Jenny Turknett gives Milton's Cuisine and Cocktails two stars over at the AJC, ATL Food Snob calls the tasting menu at Stone Bowl House the best in town and reviews new food truck Mighty Meatballs, and Chow Down Atlanta goes to STG Trattoria for lunch.


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The Lawrence

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