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The Rise of the Goat Farm; Pretending at the Airport; Poor Walmart; Cobb County & T-SPLOST: It’s Complicated

A live music performance at the Goat Farm, photo by BURNAWAY via Facebook.

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

Westside— We got inside the story of the evolution of the Goat Farm from still-born redevelopment project to the hottest / best new thing happening in the Atlanta arts community. Those people always advocating patience may be onto something...

The Airport— Curbed's Sarah Beth McKay used her imagination, suspended her disbelief and followed the script as a volunteer in the great New International Terminal Test Run of 2012. There were fake announcements, friendly TSA agents and free commemorative coins. Get the full run-down here.

Everywhere— Poor Walmart, they can't seem to catch a break. First they have to spend a bunch of their hard-earned money bribing Mexican officials to expedite the opening of 431 new stores in their country last year. Then their cover-up of the scheme proves unsuccessful, causing cities in the U.S. to wonder just how the retailing megalith has been able to gain entry into their urban areas, especially since there are so many people that don't want them there. It's just a real sad story.

Cobb County — Have you heard? There are a bunch of people that think the T-SPLOST referendum is very, very bad...and a disproportionately large amount of them seem to live in Cobb County. Among these (big surprise) are people with a financial stake in alternatives to T-SPLOST. And these people seem to have scared the living sh*t out of Cobb County and its webmaster. Apprise the situation for yourself and let us know what you think.

House of the Week— A rather interesting 1BR loft space in a downtown building rich with Atlanta history appeared on our radar. It looks pretty cool and the price is approachable...why has it been on the market for 4 and half years? See if you can figure out...we can't.

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