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Atlanta Food Truck Park Closed Temporarily Due to Permit Issues

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Last week, the Atlanta police shut down some of the vendors at the new food truck park on Howell Mill due improper permitting. A message shared on the Atlanta Food Truck Park's website and Facebook page today states that the park "will be closed for a short period until we have a decent line up of food trucks."

The park makes sure to announce that the permit issues are related to city planning, zoning, and vendor permits, not food safety. The note goes on to say that the area itself is properly permitted, but that the trucks are independent operations who have to deal with "ever-changing regulations and bureaucracy" in what seems like a never-ending battle.

Have thoughts or tips on the food truck park and these regulations? Leave 'em in the comments or send them through the tipline and keep watching Eater for more updates.
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Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market

1850 Howell Mill Road Northwest, , GA 30318 (678) 883-8471

Atlanta Food Truck Park

1850 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA