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The Corner of 10th & Peachtree; GSU Makes Moves Downtown; An Ansley Park Short Sale

Edgewood Avenue, photo by peaceful.warrior via Flickr.

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

Midtown— In the wake of the announcement of yet another temporary'ish under-use of one of the city's most visible corners (10th & Peachtree), we take a look at one of John Dewberry's choicest real estate assets and discuss if and when re-development will come that truly lives up to the parcel's size and platinum location.

Downtown— Georgia State is beginning to flex some of its muscle as the state's largest university, and downtown stands to benefit. GSU Athletics announced plans to build a series of sports venues around its campus, which will not only provide spectators with cool skyline views, but also contribute some positive critical mass and density to downtown.

Atlanta— As you've probably noticed given the unrelenting media onslaught, the T-SPLOST debate just entered its final 60 days. For those overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there, we curated a collection of recent media (which we believe to be pretty fair and balanced) so that you might begin deciding how you're going to vote.

North Highland AvenueStreets Alive 2012 is fading in the rear view mirror, but the critics are still reflecting on what transpired. The view BURNAWAY provides by opening this window onto Atlanta's arts community is an interesting one for insiders and outsiders alike...and you gotta love a lively Comments section debate!

House of the Week— Though riddled with gorgeous parks, full of distinctive architecture and in possession of one of the city's most enviable locations, we learned that even Ansley Park cannot avoid some of the real estate crash's collateral damage. This lovely home is a potential short sale, and though there are possibly some good reasons why, it's still kind of sad. Is nothing sacred?