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Tava & Grill Is Back, This Time as Burger Delite

Last year, the Indian restaurant Tava & Grill closed their doors on Dekalb Industrial with hopes of reopening soon in a different location. Ten months later, they're back in business with a completely different concept, this time in Norcoss.

The restaurant has reinvented itself as Burger Delite, and the message on their Facebook page says that it's "actually an existing American fast food restaurant into which [they] are trying to infuse some of the Indian cuisine." They have added Sizzlers, hot platters of rice, sauteed vegetables, grilled meat, and sauces, to the menu already and are 100% halal.

The Tava & Grill team hasn't given up on the idea of having an authentic Indian restaurant to their name, but they haven't found the right location yet— they were looking to sign another lease in Decatur but couldn't find something that fit their budget, and the terms of their Norcross lease won't allow them to serve Indian food because there's a restaurant that already does nearby.
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[Photo via Facebook]

Burger Delite

5265 Jimmy Carter Blvd Ste. 5247, Norcross, GA