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Does the Chef’s Dog Eat Better Than You Do?

The Optimist Executive Chef Adam Evans spares no expense when it comes to his dog. The 16-year-old miniature Sheltie named Smoky frequently enjoys home-cooked, organic dinners made in a slow-cooker. Evans buys top loin, sweet potatoes, fresh oats and vegetable like squash from Whole Foods Market, cuts them up, adds some water and salt, and cooks the mixture to perfection. Then, he portions it out, feeds his pup and freezes the leftovers for Smoky’s next meals.

“He had a very sensitive diet and could only eat a very specific brand of food. I thought this was boring, so I decided to see if cooking for him would be an option,” Evans said. “[The first time I did it] the house smelled [so] amazing I considered giving him the dry food and eating the crockpot mixture myself!”