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Reviews for Han Il Kwan and More

Over at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, John Kessler reviews Han Il Kwan in an attempt to appease ITP-ers who don't want to travel all the way to Duluth for (what he insists is) the greatest Korean barbecue in the area. The barbecue at Han Il Kwan is of the tabletop variety, meaning diners cook it themselves at their seats, and Kessler says it's the best on Buford Highway. What Han Il Kwan does well is "fast and furious" cooking. Slower dishes are less flavorful and face texture issues, but things like the saeng gal bi get called, in what we can only imagine is Kessler's most caressing tone, "tales of char and dripping fat."

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[Photo by Molly Spruill]

Han Il Kwan

5458 Buford Highway Northeast, , GA 30340 (770) 457-3217 Visit Website