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Mega-Project Relationships; The Next Housing Boom; A $15 Million Guest House

A view of the BeltLine's Eastside trail from Ponce City Market, Ponce de Leon Avenue runs up the right side of the image. Photo by Christopher T. Martin, image via

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

Old Fourth Ward— Amid the doom and gloom of the last 4 years, the high profile mega-projects Ponce City Market and The BeltLine have given Atlantans hope and something interesting to watch. As the BeltLine's Eastside trail moves toward completion and PCM begins the heavy lifting, we examine the symbiotic relationship the projects share.

Atlanta— We all know what Atlanta's last housing boom looked like— sprawl (haven't they all looked like that?). In any case, the next one's going to be different, we swear. Deep Thoughts contemplates the City Too Busy To Hate's chances of getting dense and infill-y.

Midtown— Though the new and improved Piedmont Park has been enjoyed for the past year or two, the first phase of the ambitious expansion and upgrades is just now wrapping up. But the Piedmont Park Conservancy isn't stopping there- we took a look at some of what's still to come as the BeltLine gets close to connecting the park with all of its Eastside parks.

Everywhere— While real estate development firms, construction companies and all other manner of real estate-related industry have been thrashed by the crash of the real estate market, a lack of funds and will to press on is having a positive effect on creativity. We take a look at some of the realities of the "new normal" and how smaller, smarter projects are being spawned.

(Guest)House of the Week— What has 15-acres of land on the third highest spot in Atlanta, a Tuscan-style guest house constructed of rare stone, a lake, tons of Chattahoochee River frontage but no main house? The $15 million estate on West Wesley Road that is our House of the Week. Any takers?