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Ponce City Market: Revealed; Cities Pass the 'Burbs; Disappearing Buildings; Atlanta's Facadism

An interior look at Ponce City Market. Photo by Blake Burton.

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

Ponce City Market— Everyone who cares probably knows that big things are going on inside the former Sears & Roebuck/City Hall East building on Ponce. But those who have not availed themselves of a tour of the building might not be aware of just how significant a structure the building is. They do now, thanks to architect, photographer and new Curbed contributor Blake Burton, who has access to the place courtesy of PCM owner Jamestown. He provides stunning photography and words to describe.

Everywhere— Urbanites, city planners, and all other manner of city folk can rejoice at the news that for the first time since the 1920's, many U.S. cities are growing faster than their suburbs...including sprawl-master Atlanta. The implications of this shift are as interesting as the history; a great read from the WSJ.

North Druid Hills— An observant Curbed reader noticed that buildings were disappearing from the old Executive Park property on North Druid Hills at I-85. We did some digging and can provide an update on the site, slated to be redeveloped one day into The Park Druid Hills.

Sandy Springs— It was a big week for Sandy Springs. First, the city's success in completely privatizing its municipal government got the Sunday NYT Business section front page treatment and a few thousand words. For a follow-up, the city held a series of design charrettes (definition) to educate and solicit input from its citizens on development of its downtown.

Atlanta— As it looks like preservationists have lost their battle to keep Georgia Tech from cleaving most of the Crum & Forster building from its lovely facade, Curbed writer Jonathan Carnright takes a gander at Atlanta's penchant for facadism. Are we a theme park city? Find out.

House of the Week— If ever there was a quintessential intown Atlanta house, this beauty on 10th Street overlooking Piedmont Park is it. Equal parts grand and quaint and just a little bit funky, this is a big old porch-y house perfect for people that like to entertain, perhaps by cooking a great meal in the killer kitchen and then plopping down on the porch on a warm summer's night to people watch. A bargain at $1,199,000 in our humble opinion.