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Closing Reports on 52 Bistro, Cocktail Cove, and More

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Cocktail Cove.
Cocktail Cove.
Photo via Sandy Springs Toyota

1) Alpharetta: The news on Twitter is that 52 Bistro on Main Street has shuttered permanently. According to the tweet, VH1 had been about to film a show on the restaurant's premises. [The Shutter]

2) Sandy Springs: According to Tomorrow's News Today, Cocktail Cove has closed both of its restaurants, which were located in Sandy Springs and Lake Lanier. The Sandy Springs bar was previously home to the infamous American Pie. [The Shutter]

3) Downtown: The Starbucks in AmericasMart will close temporarily in August for renovations, reports What Now, Atlanta. During this time, they'll have a booth outside so that caffeine-hungry Atlantans can still get their fix. [Temporary Shutters]

4) Alpharetta: Mambo's Cafe's last day at their Alpharetta Crossing location will be July 29. The restaurant is moving to Windward Parkway and will reopen in late fall. [Temporary Shutters]

5) Five Points: A McDonald's near Five Points was closed last week following a failed health inspection, but the AJC announced that it reopened on June 21 after bringing the score of a 41 back up to 100. One reason for the poor score? The restaurant's failure to "eliminate the presence of rodents." [Fixed Shutters]