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Decatur's Government Works; The Atlanta History Center Wants You; That's Rather Hideous

Two of the minds behind Decatur's forthcoming Three Taverns Brewery at a pop up event for the craft brewer last week. Image courtesy of Three Taverns Brewery via

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

Decatur— Decatur is admired as one of Atlanta's coolest neighbor-cities and strongest communities, qualities enhanced by a responsive local government. That said, the City of Decatur put on a rather prodigious display of pragmatism and action this week that no doubt pleased beer lovers and good government folks in equal parts.

Buckhead— When was the last time you visited the Atlanta History Center? Have you ever been? If your answer is no, you're not alone, the 33-acre site dedicated to all things Atlanta (and general Southern history to some extent) does not enjoy the crowds that other Atlanta attractions do. But a new CEO aims to change all of that. With the building boom happening in Buckhead, will he have the wind at his back?

Lindbergh— Though it doesn't exactly qualify as a "food desert," that there's not a single grocery store to be found on a prime 3.3. mile stretch of one of Atlanta's primary surface streets (Piedmont Road) seems a bit odd. Hopes of that problem being remedied in the short term were again dashed this week.

Everywhere— With less than 30 days to go until the vote, the T-SPLOST debate noisily rattles about the mediasphere. But in addition to the messaging being directed by voters by advocates of "yes" and "no" news came out of Washington this week that weights heavily on T-SPLOST's significance.

House of the WeekJonathan Carnright takes a cruise down to Newnan to bestow a rather well-deserved 'That's Rather Hideous' designation on a big old Edwardian home. But the price ($99,900) and the bones keep hope alive.