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T-SPLOST in Hindsight; Midtown Ups & Downs; The City of Atlanta Hires An Architect; Old Fourth Ward Mansion

[T-SPLOST voting maps, courtesy of the Atlanta Regional Commission and East Atlanta Patch.]

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

T-SPLOST Autopsy— As the whole T-SPLOST debacle gets smaller in the rear view mirror, voting data shows how popular the measure was in the City of Atlanta and inside the Perimeter...and then how unpopular it becomes as one travels into the 'burb netherworld. We ponder the meaning.

Midtown— Though it was hard to imagine these words would ever be said in 2009, here goes: Atlanta's new condominium inventory continues to dwindle. The latest building to hit the magic 70% sold number is 1010 Midtown; not only does it represent a super-super majority of units sold for the developers, but also that end user financing on the last 30% of units is going to be pretty easy to obtain.

Midtown— Let's stay in Midtown for a bit longer so we can get a look at the dark, dirty underside...which apparently is run by a marauding gang of knife-and-gun-toting cross-dressing prostitutes. We learned this from what is definitely the weirdest article we've ever seen on Patch. And based on its content and some Comments, it sounds like the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance may have some issues with transvestites.

Downtown— The folks at Cox Enterprises gifted the old AJC headquarters to the city a while back, but Mayor Reed and company have been taking their time in figuring out what they're going to do with it. This week it was announced that Stanley, Beaman and Sears will design a new art gallery in the lobby, as well as some exterior embellishments to draw folks to it.

House of the Week— If you want to live at what could be considered to be the epicenter of the new Atlanta in town renaissance and want a big old mansion, you should check out this grand place in the Old Fourth Ward. It needs some work, but the latent potential and value already present are pretty high.