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Reviews for The Spence and More

The Spence.
The Spence.
Photo: Brittany Wages

Here are two sentences from John Kessler's review of The Spence: "I don't remember ordering a bong," and "It’s a frisky thing that caresses and then slaps until the last shard disappears." Here are three ways he describes Richard Blais, whose restaurant he awarded two stars this week: "the man, the brand," "burger baron," and "overwrought punster." In between these phrases, Kessler compliments the restaurant, which focuses more on "good, simple cooking" (albeit with a few parlor tricks) than gimmicks and science tricks. He suggests focusing on appetizers and small plates and sharing meals family-style so that the table can sample a little bit of everything, just in case some of the dishes are better than others. Final verdict: The service at The Spence is great, the sommelier and pastry chef are just as talented as Blais, and the atmosphere is fun (but loud), so go in with a group and expect to have a good time.

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The Spence

75th 5th Street, Atlanta, GA 30308 (404) 892-9111