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Four New Food Trucks Hit the Atlanta Dining Scene

1) Health Food: With a focus on promoting health and wellness, The Healthy Nut makes food that's meant to get people eating better. Menu options include smoothies, fruit and yogurt parfaits, homemade ground turkey or chickpea patties, and more. The truck hasn't started serving yet, but in the meantime, they do hold Fit Club boot camp sessions to get people motivated about exercise. [POST-PLYWOOD]

2) Hot Dogs: Poor Huey's Hot Dog Company will soon be selling hot dogs out of a cart in Woodruff Park and beyond. The New York-style dogs are fresh from the Bronx and topped with things like fresh veggies, bacon, and Mama Huey's chili. Follow them to stay in the loop. [POST-PLYWOOD]

3) Vegan Food: The brick-and-mortar Soul Vegetarian has gone mobile and will now be serving vegan dishes at the Atlanta Food Truck Park on the weekends. Get updates here. [CERTIFIED OPEN]

4) Frozen Custard: Atlanta's had ice cream, gelato, pops, and froyo hit the street in the last few years, and now it's time for another frosty delight: frozen custard. Vintage Frozen Custard is the first such truck in Atlanta and will sell its concoctions in scoop, concrete, float, and shake form. Watch for it on Twitter to see where it'll be doling out its old school sweet treats. [POST-PLYWOOD]
Vintage Frozen Custard. [Photo: Viddy]

Vintage Frozen Custard

1075 Canton Street, , GA 30075 (678) 694-8903 Visit Website

Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market

1850 Howell Mill Road Northwest, , GA 30318 (678) 883-8471