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The Early Word on Waffold

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Earlier this month, Waffold opened in Morningside, promising Atlanta’s first “gourmet waffle sandwiches.” The start was rocky, what with all the threats of trademark infringement (by the publicist of California competitor Bruxie). Now that the legal tensions have been diffused, the focus is back to the food.

The Perplexed News: An Eater tipster wrestled with the concept, saying, “I tried eating my sandwich normally, but my taste buds were confused! A less sweet waffle would have been better.” [EaterWire]

The Underwhelming News: A Reddit commenter was less than thrilled with the waffle itself. “I ordered the salmon and cream cheese waffle and was underwhelmed,” he writes. “The waffle was much thinner than I expected for something they advertise as a Belgian-style waffle.” [Reddit]

The Once in a While News: Though many new restaurants struggle with service, a tipster recalls “friendly/attentive service,” noting that the staff seemed excited about the menu and made him feel welcomed when he first walked in. “Food was tasty, average portion size for sandwich. I wish they would include a side though,” he writes. He says it’s the “kind of place that you would go to once or twice a year—it’s hard to envision it being a regular option or place to hang out.” [EaterWire]

The All-Too-Sweet News: Another tipster keeps it short and sweet. “Waffold: Sweet idea. But too sweet for a sandwich bun,” he writes. [EaterWire]

S’more News: Everyone who tries them seems to like the s’mores waffle. One commenter calls it “magnificent,” while another takes after Nike, instructing others, “Just do it.”[Reddit]

The Overexcited News: Is the idea of waffle sandwiches better than the reality? Upon hearing about the concept, one Reddit user writes, “This is so f*ing simplistic it's genius! I am tempted to drive over there right now.” He never followed up with a review, so we’ll assume he resisted the urge. [Reddit]

The Plain Lousy News: A Yelpster holds nothing back, instructing readers not to bother with the place. “They’ll be open for about as long as Burger Tap was in that location,” he writes, calling the grilled cheese and bacon waffle “lousy.” He complains the waffle was soggy, the cheese cold and the bacon greasy. [Yelp]

The Strawberry Lemonade News: Though the focus is clearly waffle sandwiches, the highlight for some is the lemonade. “The best thing I had was the strawberry wee good!” one Yelpster writes. [Yelp]

The Heavyweight News: A commenter on Creative Loafing writes “Wow, I would gain 300 pounds if I treated this place like a breakfast, lunch & dinner consideration.” [Creative Loafing]

The Atmospheric News: Waffold is bigger than one might expect for a gimmicky restaurant. Review Atlanta notes there’s “plenty of space” and the usual lunch rush is “easily handled” with “no line.” [Review Atlanta]
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