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Is Chicken the Next Trend? Shaun Doty Shares Details on Bantam & Biddy

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Shaun Doty.
Shaun Doty.

Shaun Doty recently announced that he'll be opening a second chicken restaurant—this one in Atlantic Station—in the coming months. But before we get too entrenched in the details of this still-nameless spot, we thought we ought to learn more about Bantam & Biddy—the chef's first new restaurant since he created the YEAH! Burger duo at the crux of the burger boom. Is chicken the next hot thing? Doty sure seems to think so.

Where does the name Bantam & Biddy come from?
Bantam and Biddy are traditional names for chicken sizes. We wanted to spoof the tradition of using family names [for restaurants].

First it was burgers, now chicken. Why the categorical restaurants? And why chicken?
I’m interested in bringing quality to the fast-casual segment. I was successful in the burger segment and I feel the chicken segment is ripe for change. Chicken is America’s No. 1 protein!

What menu items are you most excited about?
Obviously rotisserie chicken! But, also revisiting some Shaun’s classics like chopped liver and really focusing on seasonal produce from my farmer friends at Morningside Farmers Market.

What is it about the Ansley location that appeals to you?
That’s my people there. They appreciate good design and want local, gluten-free and organic food.

How will you and Lance Gummere divide the responsibilities in the kitchen?
Lance will do everything and I’ll do the rest. ?

How much of the menu offerings or ingredients will be seasonal, local or organic?
All of it. I also will have a cool selection of seasonal pies.

Still on track for an October opening?
God willing.

Will there be alcohol? If so, what type of offerings should we expect?
We’ll have a short but affordable and interesting wine and beer list and a Bloody Mary menu.

Anything else we should know?
Phone your order in and we will deliver it to your car curbside!

Bantam + Biddy

1544 Piedmont Avenue Northeast, , GA 30324 (404) 907-3469 Visit Website