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Will Waffold Fold Due to Trademark Infringement?

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Waffold, the restaurant that replaced Burger Tap last week, may be finding a bit more trouble in Morningside than it expected. They were touting their main menu staple as "gourmet waffle sandwiches" and it made some people— namely a little restaurant in Orange County, California, who happens to own the trademark for the phrase— more than a little upset. The publicist for Bruxie, the Orange County restaurant, thought that "others deserve to know about the lack of innovation and originality fueling the Waffold concept in [Atlanta]," and yesterday, she sent Waffold a notice informing owner Justin Lim of trademark infringements. Waffold was using the phrase on its logo and promotional materials, though since last night, Waffold has changed its logo and updated its website (but not its Facebook page, which still reads "serving savory and sweet gourmet waffle sandwiches" as of 10 a.m.) so that it's no longer in use.

UPDATE: The Facebook page has been updated to remove any Bruxie trademarks, and Waffold owner Justin Lim confirmed that he has not been approached by representatives for Bruxie. Here's his official statement:

I am very familiar with and admire the West Coast-based Bruxie brand. Inspired by their success, I chose to introduce the waffle sandwich concept to Atlanta. While the menus are similar, based on classic sandwiches and desserts, we do feature signature Waffold originals. We have not positioned ourselves as the first ever waffle sandwich concept, just Atlanta’s first. Additionally, we are taking the proper steps to address any trademark concerns.

Got any updates or inside information? As always, send it through the tipline.
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