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Coast Chef Quentin Donnaud Wins on Chopped!

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Coast Chef Quentin Donnaud competed on Chopped last night and won! He'll be offering the items he made on the show at Coast today through Sunday for $25. This includes an Arctic Char tar tare with capers, basil, mango purée, black licorice glaze and toasted baguette appetizer; espresso-rubbed flank steak with mushroom-Crosnes purée and sour cherry gastrique entree; and polenta bread pudding with sweet sherry whipped topping and candied beet sauce for dessert.

What was it like to compete on Chopped?
It was an unforgettable experience. Chefs rarely get a chance to compete and [fine tune] their skills in an environment like that. Very stressful, pressure-filled kitchens are something I am used to, but having your dishes judged and your every move evaluated is something new for me. I think I thrive in that setting. It's why I do this for a living. I love the challenge. I love knowing I can do something that most people can't.

How do you think it has/will change your work at Coast?
It has made me more confident in myself and my work. I have always been my toughest critic, so maybe I can take it easy on myself for a little while.

What does it feel like to be a "celebrity chef"?
Well I'm not sure, because I don't consider myself a celebrity. I'm just a cook who got an unbelievable opportunity to cook and test myself on TV.


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