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Angela Hansberger on Rosebud's Jeff Jackson

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Welcome to Front & Center, a series highlighting front of the house professionals in Atlanta restaurants. Right now, local food lover Angela Hansberger writes about Jeff Jackson, the GM, bartender, and "resident wine dude" at Rosebud:

[Jeff Jackson/Trot Line]

One look at Jeff Jackson's new ink, a vintage straight pull corkscrew, and his earnestness for his craft is evident. He may be GM at Rosebud but he will always be my favorite bartender. Jackson's expertise has been augmented by years of experience in both the kitchen and the dining room, bolstering a great read of the customer, communication, and a dedication to providing exceptional service. His primary agenda is to cosset those who saddle up on the opposite side of the bar. He is unpretentious with his recommendations of pairings yet has honed a great lexicon of descriptors. He can easily sum up a wine in two words and gets a twinkle in his eye when a customer "gets" a flavor combination he tries to explain. He also has the ability to reframe a familiar ingredient to the extraordinary in a glass. At his "Drink with Jeff" wine tasting, he sits and sips with guests, making the experience meaningful and memorable. He is a bartender with such keen historical knowledge of and genuine zeal for quality cocktails that I remember the clever names of his concoctions, so much so that the sight of tartan makes me thirsty. He can smooth over a rough day or make a good one even better, and isn't that what we really search for when we dine?
—Angela Hansberger, @englishanj

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