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Christopher Watkins on Czar Ice Bar's Saito Saito

Welcome to Front & Center, a series highlighting front of the house professionals in Atlanta restaurants. Right now, Eat. Drink. Repeat.'s Christopher Watkins writes about Saito Saito, master sushi chef at Czar Ice Bar:

eatercibss828.jpegWhen I think of a "front of house" person, I think of those individuals that instantly make you feel welcome when setting foot into an establishment. It can be a prompt hello, simply remembering your name, or automatically serving up your favorite cocktail or app that makes you feel wanted and right at home. And although he isn't slinging cocktails behind the bar, Master Sushi Chef Saito Saito of Czar Ice Bar exudes these traits effortlessly. Upon my first visit to Czar, the hospitality was evident as Chef Saito came from behind his iced sushi fort to greet me and make recommendations. He brought the food out himself and sat down with me to explain the best way to enjoy his masterful creation. Now I don't know about you, but when a world-renown master sushi chef talks, you listen...especially when he has a knife. Chef Saito remembered my name upon my second visit and it was like we were old friends. So visit this awesome guy yourself, and when he says that you don't need soy sauce, he means it. Remember....he has a knife.
Christopher Watkins, Eat. Drink. Repeat.

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Master Sushi Chef Saito Saito. [Photo: TWT]

Czar Ice Bar

56 East Andrews Drive Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30309 404 869 1132

Czar Ice Bar

56 E Andrews Drive Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30305