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Atlanta’s Olympic Legacy; Lots of T-SPLOST Stuff; Brookhaven, The City

[Some of Atlanta's Olympic legacies. Pictures via Facebook.]

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

Atlanta & The Olympics— Have you noticed? The Olympics are going on in London right now. As the world gathers round smartphones, iPad's and computer screens to watch dressage and handball, city planning and design folks are more interested in looking at the Olympic legacies left behind in host cities. By their reckoning, Atlanta fared pretty well. Athens (Greece)...not so much.

T-SPLOST— Did you hear? The T-SPLOST referendum was voted on this week. The "No's" won big, prompting glee among the anti-government crowd and grim prognostications about the beginning of Atlanta's decline from some of the measure's supporters. We looked at the reactions both locally and from outside the metro Atlanta area.

Brookhaven— One of Atlanta's prettiest and most established neighborhoods went and made it official this week- Dekalb County voters have spoken and Brookhaven is now a city. Though the debate about whether to peel the affluent 'nabe out of Dekalb County's complete aegis was contentious, Brookhaven "Yes" supporters (from whose ranks the new city's first leaders will likely emerge) are pledging to play nice with their former opponents.

The White House— Though she may not have been completely surprised by the outcome, MARTA's CEO & GM Dr. Beverly Scott must have felt at least a little wistful on the day of the T-SPLOST vote. She spent election day in Washington, D.C. being honored by President Obama as a 'transit champion' while a majority of voters in her home of the last 5 years soundly rejected, among other things, the idea of Atlanta expanding its capabilities in the area of moving masses of people around in an efficient manner.

House of the Week— Our rather heavy T-SPLOST coverage this week included a look at a domicile that could help insulate you from the ever-worsening traffic issues that plague Atlanta and will not be addressed anytime soon. In addition to its prime Inman Park location, this loft looks pretty pleasurable to live in.