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After Just Over A Month, the Curtain Falls on Waffold

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Controversial waffle sandwich shop Waffold had been open for less than a month and a half when it closed over the weekend. The restaurant shuttered quietly on Saturday due to "a series of unfortunate events," possibly including the trademark infringement debacle brought on by the use of the phrase "gourmet waffle sandwiches," which is owned by Bruxie, a conceptually similar eatery in California. Early on, the Orange County restaurant claimed to have sent Waffold notice of trademark infringement, but representatives for Atlanta company claimed that it was never received— they did, however, remove the word "gourmet" from their promotional material soon after, although it remained on signage in the restaurant.

Before closing, the BYOB waffle shop, which was located in the former Burger Tap space on North Highland Avenue in Morningside, had plans for a media night on Wednesday and posted on Facebook about weekend brunch as recently as Friday. The sign on its door reads:

Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, Waffold had to close. We appreciate everyone's support and we thank you for supporting Waffle Sandwiches.

Know what's next for the restaurant space? Have an opinion Waffold? Send all thoughts through the tipline or leave 'em in the comments.
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