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Are Atlantans Picky Eaters?

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What Now, Atlanta blogger Caleb Spivak and other food writers participated in a live chat this afternoon. Here's what Spivak had to say on ethnic food and the Atlanta dining scene:

I don't know, Atlantans are very picky when it comes to food, and I just dont think [ethnic restaurants] will succeed past Buford Highway. I mean, if you look at the number of restaurants that are closing that are just typical American-style cuisine, I would be very surprised if something far out there would work in Atlanta as it does in New York or elsewhere ... Even [now closed] Cuerno, Beleza, those types of restaurants in Midtown just stray away from what Atlantans are comfortable with and then it cant survive, so they've got to go with something more Americanized. I mean, there are several examples where restaurants are venturing off out of the comfort zone and they don't survive."

Do you agree? Are Atlantans picky eaters? Share all thoughts in the comments or send 'em through the tipline.
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