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One Star for Meat and Potato Kitchen and Bar

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Jenny Turknett reviews Meat and Potato Kitchen and Bar this week for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and awards the restaurant one star. Unsurprisingly, meat and potatoes are the main dinner attraction, but there's a twist— guests can essentially make their own pick-and-choose entrees by selecting a meat, a kind of potato, and a sauce. Turknett calls it "a fast-casual concept with a hotel-esque dining room" and wonders if the idea can be successfully maintained. The food is lackluster, with sauces that don't quite work and meat that might come with a "sickly grey pallor." Better luck might be had with the seafood options, like the coconut curry mussels or the hamachi ceviche. Turknett ends her review on a dismal note: "Perhaps it would be wise to leave the pairings to the kitchen."

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Meat and Potato Kitchen and Bar

5710 State Bridge Road, Johns Creek, GA