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Foundation, Ink & Elm, and More Coming Soon

Design sketches for Ink & Elm and Foundation. [Ai3]

1. Inman Park: A neighborhood restaurant on DeKalb Avenue, Foundation is scheduled to open in the winter of 2013. Led by Executive Chef Mel Toledo (formerly of Bacchanalia and NY's Restaurant Daniel), Foundation intends to convey "a strong sense of attitude and edginess while providing a familiar, relaxed experience," according to a press release. [PLYWOOD]

2. Druid Hills: A 7,000-square-foot tavern in the Emory Village, Ink & Elm is expected to open in the first quarter of 2013. Inspired by Frederick Law Oldmsted, who designed the neighborhood Ink & Elm resides in (as well as New York City's Central Park), the dining room will be "light and airy," while the bar and lounge are "dark and cozy." [PLYWOOD]

3. Midtown: Opening this fall in the Metropolis building, La Tagliatella is known for serving modern Italian cuisine throughout Europe. The restaurant is also bringing its brand to Emory Point, as well as Arlington, Va., this year. [PLYWOOD]

4. Buckhead: On track to open mid-October, Modern will serve contemporary American cuisine with an emphasis on fresh seafood and regionally grown seasonal produce. The 12,000-square-foot restaurant will serve brunch, lunch and dinner, as well as five- to seven-course prix fixe meals. There will be a patio, floor-to-ceiling windows and geometric canopy accents. [PLYWOOD]

5. Cheshire Bridge: Jungle Night Club will be undergoing several renovations, including interior decor. Jungle will limit smoking and begin serving food after the renovations are complete. The club will stay open throughout the changes. [POST-PLYWOOD]

Ink & Elm

1577 N. Decatur Road, Atlanta, GA 30307 678 244 1541