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Why Fig Jam is Moving to Midtown

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Fig Jam.
Fig Jam.

As recently announced, Fig Jam Kitchen & Bar will be closing its Brookwood location and opening in Midtown in April. Cafe Intermezzo is also abandoning Brookwood for a shinier Midtown space. Why's everyone moving south? Fig Jam owners Mario Maccarone and Costanzo Asarita offer their take on the situation.

Why did you decide to more Fig Jam to Midtown?
Maccarone: We have always been interested in bringing Fig Jam to Midtown – that's where our roots lie. We have two existing restaurants, Publik Draft House and Baraonda Ristorante & Bar located on the Midtown Mile and we feel very connected to the vibrant community there. We have put a lot of careful thought and planning into the Fig Jam concept and we feel this is the best time to have it join its sister restaurants in Midtown.

What will the new space look like? Will it be bigger or smaller?
Asarita: The new space will include many of the same design elements like reclaimed wood, open kitchen and a homey yet industrial vibe. As far as size, it will probably be smaller to create a more intimate venue.

How will the vibe change?
Maccarone: The final result of our build-out will very similar to our current space. We are very proud of Fig Jam and we want the new space to be just as comfortable with the same vibrant atmosphere that exists in the current location. The only real difference, as I mentioned above, will be the smaller size to capitalize on the romantic nature of the concept.

Fig Jam recently released a new menu to go along with the new chef de cuisine. What other changes are in store? Will there be another new menu once the new space opens?
Asarita: Right now the biggest change is the move, and that is our focus. As for the menu, ingredients are our passion and the freshest ingredients change with the seasons, because of that our menu will always be updated seasonally to offer the best in internationally influenced American cuisine.

How do you expect the move to affect your customer base? There's a lot of competition in Midtown.
Maccarone: Our customer base has always been young and fun, being located in Midtown will only add to that. We know that our loyal neighborhood clientele will make the trip to visit. As for the move to Midtown – we are very familiar with the competition in Midtown and our other restaurants have thrived in that community. We are excited and ready to welcome another exceptional venue to the Midtown market.

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