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Trouble Brewing for Atlantic Station's Food Truck Fridays?

Changes have made their way to Atlantic Station's Food Truck Fridays. The shopping district is now requiring food trucks to make bids on Monday of each week if they'd like to take part in the event on the following Friday and apparently doesn't let the vendors know if they've been chosen until mid-week, which causes scheduling problems. Here's what Ibiza Bites had to say on the matter last night:

Loyal Atlantic Station fans, we need your help! We will not be serving there tomorrow afternoon as we normally do. Now, trucks have to submit bids each Monday morning on a first-come, first-served basis and do not usually let us know until Wednesday if we were chosen. This does not allow our followers to be informed where we will be and when we will be there. So there is no guarantee we will be participating every Friday. Please post or send a message to Atlantic Station to bring back Ibiza Bites on a consistent basis!

Ibiza Bites fans have been leaving messages on Atlantic Station's Facebook page, and this is the stock reply they've been getting from the company: "Thanks for your comment. Our new Food Truck Fridays policy was on a trial basis & given the feedback we've received, we're re-working this policy. We love having Ibiza Bites here and hope to have them return real soon (especially because I'm craving their Lobster Mac n' Cheese)"

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