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What's Going to Happen to the Clermont Lounge?

Poncey-Highland's Clermont Hotel has been sold. The new owners intend to turn it into a boutique hotel, which is all fine and good and might have even prevented the demise of nearby Pura Vida had it happened earlier, but it also leads to a very serious question: What will become of the Clermont Lounge? The iconic strip club, which celebs like Anthony Bourdain, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lady Gaga have frequented, is housed in the bottom of the hotel, and not a word has been said about its future— or that of its dancers, like the infamous Blondie— except that "it's really not the right time to comment on the Clermont Lounge." Better head over soon just in case.

Got the scoop on what's going to happen? Distressed about the possible closing? The tipline is here for you.
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Clermont Hotel and Lounge signs. [Photo: Bobby Kircher]

Clermont Lounge

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