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Whale Watching at Holeman & Finch

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Below, a Whale tale from behind the bar at Holeman & Finch, compliments of Jason Rager. Have a story you'd like to submit? Please email Prefer anonymity? It's guaranteed, 100%.
Jason Rager, bartender at Holeman & Finch.

A very nice man comes into the pub every month or so, and he is probably my favorite regular. Owner of the many restaurants surrounding a nearby university, [the man] lives a life most of us would never consider possible. The most recent time he visited Atlanta, he showed up in a cab (who he pays to hang out while he eats and drinks all over town) and only stayed about thirty minutes.

In the thirty minutes, he bought:
? Two gin and tonics
? Two hot dogs
? Chicken liver pate
? A round of drinks for the staff.

Oh, did I forget to mention he pays for things by round, and rounds up to the nearest hundred? He also bought my bar manager's vesper, having never seen it. He has yet to pick it up, or even call about it. He was coming through Atlanta on his way back from getting a hot air balloon license in Colorado. Naturally, he bought a hot air balloon learn with. And a trailer. And had it shipped it to Colorado to learn with. He didn't pass the first time, so he stayed a month in a hotel until the next testing took place. Failed that too, so he didn't check out of the hotel. He took the test seven times before passing. We love him.

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Holeman and Finch Public House

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