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More Details on Gunshow, Opening from Kevin Gillespie This Spring

Earlier this month, design firm ai3 sat down with Eater to talk about the details of Kevin Gillespie's new restaurant, Gunshow. Most notably, the Glenwood Park eatery will reportedly have line cooks serving food and a "managerial/host role that is going to own the floor" in place of traditional servers. Gillespie also doesn't have plans for a cocktail menu and instead hopes to direct people to nearby restaurant The Shed for pre-dinner drinks to promote a true sense of neighborhood. Yesterday, a "future member of Gunshow" commented on the site to clear up any misconceptions the general public may have about Gillespie's new place, which is set to open this April on Garrett Street:

I believe this article is a little misleading in some descriptions. As a future member of Gunshow, I would like to clear up a few misnomers. It is NOT that there will be no front of house; instead the lines will be blurred between the distinction of "front [of] house" and "back of house". We will have a small staff that will all take part in serving and accommodating patrons, while also maintaining distinctive positions (think Fogo De Chao). Kevin's goal is to make his food more accessible to the public. He does not feel it necessary to jump through the hoops of fine dining (reservation, dress code, stuffy atmosphere, multi-hour dining experience, etc) just to have good quality food. He also wants the freedom to cook what he chooses and the ability to take [requests] and feedback pertaining to the menu. I understand that the description of how Gunshow will operate seems confusing or kitschy, but I'm sure some people felt the same about dim sum or Fogo. And to you naysayers: we have yet to complete the build out and have not even began a mockup, so give us a moment to work out the kinks before remarking on the improbability of this type of restaurant's hard being the people that break the mold.

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