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All-Vegetarian Twelve Supper; Taria Camerino on Desserts

JCT Kitchen.
JCT Kitchen.
Photo: Blueprint Bliss

SUPPER CLUB WIRE— From the creator of the Burger Coalition comes an all-vegetarian Twelve Supper on March 3, 2013. Each of twelve attendees will be given a course number and a random word which they'll use as their cue to create a dish or drink for the event. Interested? Email with the subject "This sounds fun!" If you're in, you'll be contacted by Sunday, February 3. [EaterWire]

TARIA CAMERINO WIRE— As the pastry chef of the Ford Fry empire, Taria Camerino keeps busy designing dessert programs that fit each restaurant's style and fare. Head over to Atlanta Magazine to find out what she has planned for the Optimist, JCT Kitchen, No. 246, and the forthcoming King + Duke as well as what she hopes will become of Sugar Coated Radical in the future. [EaterWire]

HOUSTON— A vegan blogger from Atlanta went missing earlier this month. She was last seen in Houston, Texas, where she was working in Pat Greer's Kitchen. Read the full story at KVUE. [EaterWire]