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Whale Watching in Atlanta: Good Running Backs Don't Necessarily Make Good Tippers

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Below, a Whale tale from a restaurant in the city. Have a story you'd like to submit? Please email— anonymity guaranteed.

Whale%20Week%20Logo_500.jpegThis story comes from one of our bartenders. One of the NFL's current and most prolific running backs, who will be a future Hall of Famer, was being obnoxiously rude and drunk with his entourage. When they finally called one of the gay bartenders a faggot, management decided to cut the group off. After throwing a stink to the GM and upper management about getting cut off, we continued to serve this celebrity star athlete and his friends. At the end, when the check was delivered, no tip was left. Instead the player threw a quarter at the (female) bartender's head and said, "Here's your tip, bitch," and walked away. Pretty bad.

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