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Scope Details on Guy Wong's Big Boss Chinese, Coming to Decatur in Late 2014

Miso Izakaya's Guy Wong has reportedly signed a lease for his Decatur Cantonese restaurant, Big Boss Chinese. Decatur Metro writes that it'll be housed at 312 Church Street, and Guy Wong tweets that he'll take over the space in August 2014. A tipster writes in to direct our attention to the comments thread, where Wong talks more about the restaurant:

Thank you everyone for the kind welcome! The space is located right behind the real estate office and bicycle shop. It is a long straight building with arched ceilings.

I plan to offer authentic Cantonese recipes from my parents former restaurant Sam's Gourmet, which was one of the first true authentic restaurants in Atlanta. It was an honor for me to learn these dishes and I can't wait to share it in BBC.

We will be offering lunch, dinner, and late night. You can expect live seafood tanks, Chinese BBQ station, and private "your friends basement style" karaoke rooms. Dim Sum is a strong possibility.

Smith Hanes is the designer tasked at creating the space. I would describe as a Chinese cross between Roberta's and Hotel Delmano in Brooklyn.

I am very humbled by all the support from business owners and residents of Decatur. My team and I will bring our best "A" game. Thank you everyone!

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