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Carver's Country Kitchen Will Not Reopen As Planned

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When Carver's Country Kitchen closed at the end of March, owner Sharon Carver and her team told fans of the popular meat-and-two restaurant that they planned to relocate to a new space just a block down the road. Now, though, a post from Carver's reports that the restaurant will not reopen and the property is up for sale:

While Sharon Carver misses her customers and appreciates their concern for her well-being, she has decided to pass on the tradition of Carver's Country Kitchen to the next generation. Plans for a reopening in a new location under new ownership have dissolved and Sharon's property is now for sale at 1172 West Marietta Street, just a block and a half from the former Carver's. For anyone wishing to reopen the restaurant in Carver's name, Sharon would provide full support including all recipes and serve as restaurant consultant.
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