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Antico's Luca Varuni to Open Pizzeria in Midtown

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Luca Varuni, formerly of the much-hyped Antico Pizza, is opening a pizzeria in Midtown. Called Varuni-Napoli and located next door to Hobnob at 1540 Monroe Drive, the restaurant will serve traditional pizzas, Neopolitan street food, and imported Italian products.

The pizza maker hopes to open the restaurant, with business partner Arturo G. Pirrone, by Christmas. When talking about his plans for the pizzeria, Varuni told Creative Loafing, "After a decade in the American restaurant business, I realized that the Italian culinary culture [...] is completely abused, and the Neapolitan pizza, it became a joke. [...] I felt culturally raped." Guess it's safe to say that they'll be taking the authentic route.
· Varuni Napoli to Open [CL]
Varuni-Napoli [Photo: Eater Atlanta]

Varuni Napoli

1540 Monroe Drive Northeast, , GA 30324 (404) 709-2690 Visit Website


1093 Hemphill Avenue Northwest, , GA 30318 (404) 724-2333 Visit Website