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Hangover Power Hour: Industry-Strength Hangover Cures

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The Pinewood Tippling Room.
The Pinewood Tippling Room.
Photo: Brittany Wages

It's Hangover Power Hour, and we've rounded up cures from some of Atlanta's big name bartenders and chefs. Some ran last year, some are all new, but at least one is guaranteed to put you right the morning after a long night. Have a fool-proof solution to fix the one-too-many problem? Help out your fellow imbibers and leave it in the comments.

· Table & Main's executive chef Ted Lahey suggests "rehydrating with coconut water, filled with more potassium than a banana." He also notes that coconut water was reportedly given intravenously to people during World War II when regular IV saline solution was in short supply because of its hydration benefits.

· Hector Santiago of Abattoir: "Malta, which is basically a porter beer. Whenever I'm hungover, that is what I crave. That, with a piece of bread, a crunchy baguette. If I'm going to make a meal, I'll make rice with egg and Spam. Fried Spam, really crunchy, with rice and runny eggs, over easy. "

· Alex Brounstein of Villains and Grindhouse Killer Burgers: "Hair of the dog! Gotta keep on drinkin'. Usually a nice, spicy bloody Mary. Or if I'm really hungover, four Advil, strong coffee, and lots of water."

· Proof & Provision's Nate Shuman: "I have a hangover preventative: If I've been out drinking heavily, I drink an absurdly huge bottle of water— drink water until you feel like you're going to drown— before I pass out. Wake up the next day, do it again and have a bottle of water that you can reach to every time you open your eyes."

· Stuart White of Miller Union claims that he has a treatment that will make you forget how much you drank the night before. His cure: "Arden's Garden 'Complete Recovery,' a double espresso from Aurora Coffee in Little Five Points, a packet of BC or Goody's powder, and Pho Tai Chin Sac, which is a Vietnamese noodle soup with brisket, eye round steak, and tripe."

· Cibo e Beve beverage manager Michael Searles wants "Sleep. And solitude. I want quiet and noone around... Which are tough commodities these days. Economic laws dictate that I very rarely drink to excess."

· Alma Cocina's Chad Clevenger: "Soda water with fresh lemon and Angostura bitters, 5 Hour Energy, fresh fruit juices, and Dr. Pepper."

· Holeman & Finch bar manager Melissa Hayes: "Coconut water for hydration... It's nature's Gatorade! A shot of angostura bitters to settle my stomach, a Grand Slam at Arden's Garden for nutrients, a long run to sweat it out." She adds, "Maybe I'm drinking the Kool-Aid, but a burger is the cure! For me, it's usually Farm Burger since I'm not at H&F on my off days!"

· Octopus Bar's Angus Brown keeps his hangover cure simple: "I try to sleep. Sleeping it off is the best thing to do. "

· Paul Calvert of Paper Plane: "Time. I've never been a hair of the dog person. Time and suffering. When I was younger, I had cures and they were things like gross breakfasts. I used to run off hangovers, but not anymore. Pho is great too."

· The Pinewood Tippling Room's Julian Goglia's hangover cure when he has to be at work? "It's not on the menu, but I have Chef Bly make me gumbo and grits."

· Bradford Tolleson of Restaurant Eugene: "Orange juice and a bowl of black beans with seared poblano pepper, fried egg, and unstrained Greek yogurt."

· Greg Best, previously of Holeman & Finch: "Sparkling water and a shot of Fernet. I love drinking egg white cocktails like sours and stuff. I don't know if it's just in my head, but it seems to help."
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