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Ryan and Jen Hidinger's Journey to Staplehouse

In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, dining critic John Kessler delves deep into the life of Ryan and Jen Hidinger, the now well-known couple who have dreamed for years of opening a small restaurant called Staplehouse. When Ryan, the chef, was diagnosed with cancer, the Hidingers had to change their plans and focus their determination into fighting the disease.

A heartening, huge outpour of support from the local community followed, and so much money was raised for the Hidingers that they realized— with help from Ryan Turner of popular restaurant Muss & Turner's, where Ryan Hidinger worked— that they could keep working toward their dream and help others in the process. Plans for Staplehouse moved forward, and with it came The Giving Kitchen, a non-profit foundation created to help restaurant workers in need. All of Staplehouse's profit will go straight to the charity, which has already started doling out funds.

Kessler's article, behind paywall at the AJC, can be read for 99 cents. It details the Hidingers' whole journey in six parts, from how they met to what their future Old Fourth Ward restaurant, slated to open in February, will look like, plus everything— cancer treatments, a trip to New York, and a lot of love— in between.
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