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Grant Park Restaurant Ria's Bluebird Looks Like This Following News of Chef Ria Pell's Passing

Ria's Bluebird.
Ria's Bluebird.
Photo: Evan Mah

Beloved Ria's Bluebird chef Ria Pell passed away last night. Today, Atlanta Magazine deputy food editor Evan Mah posts to Twitter this touching picture of the restaurant's front entrance surrounded by flowers and more in memory of the chef.

Eater will post updates as more information is known. In the meantime, HGTV's FrontDoor has a look into the life of the Atlanta chef and Campbell High School graduate that includes quotes from from Sister Louisa's Church owner Grant Henry, among other friends. "She operated with unbridled selflessness," Henry says. And Creative Loafing reports some clarifying facts: "On Sunday afternoon, Ria's Bluebird manager Julie Pender went to Pell's Grant Park home to ask her a question, when she discovered that Pell had passed away. Pell was [in her mid-40s]."

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