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Here's What Dante's Down the Hatch Looks Like Now

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Dante's Down the Hatch.
Dante's Down the Hatch.
Photo: CL

Dante's Down the Hatch is no more. Demolition photos have been showing up on across social media platforms today, a few months after the iconic Buckhead fondue restaurant— home to a pirate ship, live crocodiles, and so much more— shuttered at the end of July to make way for high-rise condominiums. The last we heard, Dante Stephenson's reptilian friend was still taking up residence in the Buckhead restaurant, but that's clearly (hopefully) no longer the case. See photos of the Dante's demolition below and a rendering of the future high-rise here. And please do send a note through the tipline if you know where the crocodile is now.

[Photo: @ATLBizLisa]

[Photo: @tonetoatlanta]

[Photo: Dante's Down the Hatch]

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