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Three Stars for Woodfire Grill; One Star for Timone's

Photo: Alex Lassiter

Behind the paywall at the AJC, Jenny Turknett gives Timone's one star. She covers a few reasons why here; turns out that while the traditional red sauce-based dishes are good, the pizza is still a work in progress:

Try the sausage and peppers ($8), a dish that will become your go-to selection with its long slices of seared sweet Italian sausage layered with soft braised peppers in a spicy San Marzano tomato sauce. Stay here rather than venturing into the land of the pizza pie.

Bill Addison re-reviews Abattoir and Woodfire Grill for Atlanta Magazine. Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison's Abattoir, now helmed by Hector Santiago, gets a two-star "very good" rating. "The checks and balances in this unlikely marriage of culinary approaches may give Abattoir the magnetic personality it's always needed." And Woodfire, under the direction of Tyler Williams gets an "excellent" three stars: "He differs mightily from his predecessors, but his restless imagination—he says he'll be incorporating dishes inspired by Italy, Mexico, Russia, and American junk food (!) into the menu over the coming months—makes Woodfire worth discovering anew."

THE ELSEWHERE AND THE BLOGS: Cliff Bostock talks Co'm, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Atlanta Restaurant Blog both review The Butcher The Baker, Marie, Let's Eat visits Sobban, and ATL Food Snob checks out The General Muir.


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Woodfire Grill

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The General Muir

1540 Avenue Place, , GA 30329 (678) 927-9131 Visit Website