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Two Stars for 1910 Public House; A Look at Drag Theatre

In this week's Atlanta Journal-Constitution (behind paywall), Jenny Turknett reviews Lilburn bistro 1910 Public House. She awards the sister restaurant to Tucker's Sprig two stars out of five, saying that chef Robert Elliott "needs to tone it down and play more to his audience here." The chef "tinkers," Turknett says, and while she appreciates his "playful attempts," they don't always work. What does work? White lightning fried pickles, cider-poached chicken, vegetarian shepherd's pie, a sandwich called the "barbecuban," and corn pudding.

For Creative Loafing, Cliff Bostock talks about new-ish dinner drag theater Lips. "You straight people crack me up," he says, then goes into a not-totally-SFW review of the establishment. Read through the whole thing, but the conclusion is that the food is mediocre and the $7 show is fun.

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