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Industry Experts on the Top Restaurant Standbys of 2013

As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, and bloggers. This year, we asked the group eight questions running the gamut from meal of the year to top restaurant newcomers. All will be answered by the time we turn off the lights at the end of the 2013. Responses are related in no particular order; all are cut, pasted, and (mostly) unedited herein. Readers, please do add your survey answers in the comments.
Wrecking Bar Brewpub.

Q: What were your top standbys of 2013?

Austin Louis Ray, writer:
I probably ate at Wrecking Bar more than anywhere else this year. Bob Sandage is making some of the best beers in Georgia, so it's been fun to see the brewpub step up its food game this year. Former Farm Burger chef Terry Koval does some magnificent things, both with meat (get the three pigs skillet) and veggies (go on Tuesday for the non-meat specials).

Jennifer Maley, Eater Atlanta contributor:
General Muir. Solid coffee, baked goods, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and super-helpful staff.

Christiane Lauterbach, Atlanta Magazine and Knife & Fork:
As usual, I eat at Taqueria del Sol more than any other restaurant. Miso Izakaya is at the top of my every day list and I adore the counter at the Candler Park Market.

Sonia Chopra, Eater Atlanta editor:
My go-to for a night out is always a Victory Sandwich Bar/Paper Plane combination, now followed by Kimball House. The deli at The General Muir and Ink & Elm are my favorite places to work.

Beth McKibben, Twisted South Magazine food editor:
Pinewood Tippling. Drinks, food, staff, atmosphere always a win for me.
Pho Dai Loi because I love pho and they have some of the best in town. Kid-friendly too.

Laura Scholz, Eater Atlanta contributor:
Wrecking Bar. I love that you can get a great craft beer or an innovative cocktail, order a heavy pub-type meal or keep it light with a salad and/or appetizer. There's something for every taste, and the food (and drinks) never disappoint.

Chris Watkins, Eat Drink Repeat:

John Mishler, Eater Atlanta contributor:
Fontaine's. No questions asked.

Bob Townsend, Atlanta Journal Constitution:
The Wrecking Bar. For me, a standby needs to be close to home, have food that's a good value at a variety of price points, good drinks, and a comfortable, friendly setting. TWB has all those. Terry Koval cooks local with passion and wit, and Ian Cox and Bob Sandage put the same kind of energy into the booze and beer.

Brad Kaplan, Creative Loafing and Thirsty South:
Nam Phuong, in part because my kids absolutely love it, in part because I absolutely love it

John Kessler, Atlanta Journal Constitution:
I'd consider myself a regular at Leon's Full Service and Taqueria del Sol in Decatur, and Dae Jang Gum, which is a stall in the Super H Mart Doraville food court.

Jennifer Zyman, Creative Loafing:
One Eared Stag.

Jimmy Sobeck, Eat It, Atlanta:
OK Cafe, Nam Phuong, Sushi Huku, Willy's

Grant Goggans, Marie, Let's Eat:
Any time that I did not feel like trying something new for lunch, I was back at Brandi's World Famous Hot Dogs in Marietta. That blazing-hot chili is addictive.
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The General Muir

1540 Avenue Place, , GA 30329 (678) 927-9131 Visit Website

One Eared Stag

1029 Edgewood Avenue Northeast, , GA 30307 (404) 525-4479 Visit Website

JCT. Kitchen & Bar

1198 Howell Mill Road, , GA 30318 (404) 355-2252 Visit Website

Ink & Elm

1577 N. Decatur Road, Atlanta, GA 30307 678 244 1541

Victory Sandwich Bar

340 Church Street, , GA 30030 (404) 377-9300 Visit Website

Chai Pani

406 West Ponce de Leon Avenue, , GA 30030 (404) 378-4030 Visit Website

Kimball House

303 East Howard Avenue, , GA 30030 (404) 378-3502 Visit Website

Paper Plane

340 Church St, Decatur, GA 30030

The Pinewood

254 West Ponce de Leon Avenue, , GA 30030 (404) 373-5507 Visit Website

Victory Sandwich Bar Inman Park

913 Bernina Ave NE, Atlanta, GA (404) 709-2892

Miso Izakaya

619 Edgewood Ave SE, , GA 30312 (470) 225-6252