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Ron Eyester Replaces Waffold with Pizza, Plans to Bring a Diner to Atlantic Station

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Ron Eyester, currently of Rosebud and the Family Dog, does in fact have plans to open a diner in Atlantic Station as well as a pizza place, Timone's, which will replace the short-lived Waffold in Morningside. Its lease hasn't been signed quite yet, but the plan is for doors to open this summer. Eyester's calling the restaurant Timone's in honor of his mother (it's her maiden name) and intends to serve the kind of pies he's used to after growing up in New York. The pizza joint will stay open late on weekends, and the chef is thinking about incorporating a by-the-slice window into the space, which will be his third on the Morningside stretch.

The diner will take over what used to be Fox Sports Grill in Atlantic Station. Eyester says he plans to take up half of the building for the concept, which will offer food from breakfast to late night. Atlanta Magazine reports that he hopes for a December opening.

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1409 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306