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Financial Trouble Brings Changes to Manuel's Tavern

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Manuel's Tavern.
Manuel's Tavern.
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News from Manuel's Tavern: The restaurant and bar is facing financial troubles and will be making a few changes as a result. Below, see an excerpt of the heartfelt letter owner Brian Maloof posted today in which he outlines the reasons for the forthcoming transition.

You are not nameless and faceless. You are not just customers. You are family, and as owner of Manuel's I want to share some difficult, upcoming changes. It is my hope that, after explanation, these necessary changes will be more understandable to you, and that Manuel's will continue to receive your support.

Without you, Manuel's would not be in business, and because of our established relationship we consider the impact of decisions on you. Nevertheless, uncomfortable and unwanted decisions have to be made. The changes below are being forced by financial need.

All of the new policies are outlined here, in a Facebook post that mentions wanting to provide employees with health insurance, to keep them safe, and to adequately cover rising food costs by implementing across-the-menu price increases and shorter hours. Manuel's also plans to become a smoke-free establishment by January 2014. Have thoughts or opinions? Leave 'em in the comments or visit the tipline.

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Manuel's Tavern

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