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Beltline vs. '96 Olympics; Suburban-y Shopping Centers

Photo: Curbed Atlanta

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

CITYWIDE— Since the Eastside Trail's official unveiling in October, an interesting if curious sentiment has echoed on broadcast news reports, blog posts and in reader emails to Curbed. The proclamation basically goes like this: "The Beltline is the best thing to happen to Atlanta since the Olympics." We ask: Really?

INMAN PARK— At the intersection of Freedom Parkway and hoppin' Highland Avenue sits this long-time-coming trio of custom townhomes. This, the last unit available, is listed for $429,000, after a $6,000 price cut this week.

CITYWIDE— Residents around Glenwood Park switched into hell-no activist mode last fall when whispers that Walmart could be coming turned to fact — and city planners appear to be siding with them. Are suburban-style shopping centers doomed in Atlanta?

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